Music is just for entertainment. Or is it?

Nov 15, 2023

There I was in Calgary’s brand new Bella Concert Hall. The hall vibrating, tears filled my eyes at the emotion of the music I was hearing. Deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie made the very seats shake with the intensity of the piece. The second I got home from that powerful concert I sat down with my cello and felt like the music was coaching me too through the difficulty of that season of life. 


Music is one of the greatest coaches we can experience. It guides you through your emotions, shows us the beauty in life and gives us inspiration that the hard things we are facing will develop us into the people we were meant to be. 


You might be thinking, “Ine, how is that possible? I have always just thought of music as something that is a source of entertainment, like listening to the newest Taylor Swift album in the car on my way to the office.” Maybe the thought: “listening to music must be a waste of time if it is just entertainment” has crossed your mind. “How can it further me to the goals I have without wasting my time?”


I hear you. I get how intense and mentally consuming it is to implement new protocols, goals and habits in your life. You might get to 1pm, MAYBE 2:30pm with a fresh mind, but definitely by around 3pm you feel utterly exhausted, mentally, emotionally and physically. 


That brought me to consider the thought, what exactly is a protocol, and how do protocols change our brains. 


First of all, let’s define what a protocol even is. The dictionary defines the word “protocol” as “a system of rules that explain the correct conduct and procedures to be followed in formal situations.” What this means for you is having standards in your life that you can rely on in order to bring you up the spiral into a new version of yourself. One of my business coaches calls this becoming “$20 million dollar you.” She explains how if you are currently making $1 million dollars for example, and your next goal post is $8 million, what would $8 million dollar you be thinking about? She would be thinking about how to make $20 million dollars.


So the protocols you are implementing in your life right now are essentially reprogramming your brain to become the next version of you. For example, if you have done the 75 hard challenge (busy with this right now!), you know how it feels to get to day 75 and the 5 items feeling integrated in your life. You barely think about it and you drink the gallon of water. You have a rhythm of how you get your two 45m workouts in, etc. You know something is a habit when you don’t have to think about how to get it done anymore. 


But there’s something missing. You have developed the physical and mental disciplines in your life to bring you to the next level, but you still end up feeling exhausted at the end of the work day mentally. What if there was a way to program your brain so that it operates at a billion dollar you level? 


Let me explain. Your brain is the computer for your whole body. By writing everyday, reading, working out, teaching, coaching, etc, you are developing certain parts of your brain (AKA your computer) and strengthening the areas needed to follow through, stay disciplined, etc. But these activities don’t develop the entire brain. It is like you are operating on the Macintosh 512K (made in 1984) even though you are working on becoming the person that you will meet in 2030. No company would do that. So why are you using software that is not updated daily for one of the most valuable assets you have, your brain?


Zig Ziglar says, "If you did have a million-dollar racehorse, would you let him stay up half the night drinking coffee and booze, smoking cigarettes and eating junk food?" Next question: "Would you treat a 10-dollar dog or a 5-dollar cat that way? What about a billion-dollar body?"


If you are not developing your entire brain on a daily basis, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage to the potential you’d have if you were to find a way to activate ALL the centers. The computer that operates that billion dollar body that can write sales messages, coach and be a CEO. (let alone being a mom, we all KNOW the brain power that goes into that!)


So how do you do that? By playing the cello. A musical instrument that develops the entire brain at the same time. So what is the purpose of music then?


First, let’s look at the definition of music. 


Music: vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.


What stands out in this definition is the word expression. That is what business revolves around. You need to be able to harness the “why” that people are thinking about and express it in such a way that frames it to solve a problem. As Simon Senik explains in his book “Start with Why”, the area of the brain that works with the why is called the Limbic Brain. It has no capacity for language and when that part of your brain as activated, you might have a hard time coming up with the words. If only there was a way to have a language for this part of the brain…?!


I have great news for you!! Music is the language of emotion. What that means to you is being able to activate and develop your limbic brain so that you can communicate with emotion, without stumbling over your words or getting caught up with the feelings. By developing this area of the brain by learning the cello you will be able to connect to the emotion your clients are feeling in your writing, your coaching and because of that lead them to the heights that you are dreaming of. 


An article from Pfizer explains it like this: “The limbic system, which is involved in processing emotions and controlling memory, “lights” up when our ears perceive music. The chills you feel when you hear a particularly moving piece of music may be the result of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that triggers sensations of pleasure and well-being.”


The first purpose of music is to express emotion. And when you get a handle on doing this through music, you develop the limbic part of your brain. Your sales messages will connect to people in a way where they think you are reading their minds!!


Secondly, let’s look at the etymology (root) of the word music. This will allow us to find out the second purpose of music so that you can incorporate it into your life without feeling like you are wasting your time with petty and purposeless entertainment. 


“The modern English word for music is ultimately derived from a combination of the Ancient Greek word for music and the Greek expression, art of the Muses. To the Greeks, music was the art of all arts, the art of the muses.”


We often associate having a muse as having a source of unending inspiration. Have you ever felt uninspired to create? (but did it anyways because you are a salesgirl of course) 


The word inspire means “the spirit within.” This is how music connects us to our creativity. As creatively made beings, made by a Creator and with a spirit put into us, we naturally lean towards creating and it is the thing that gives us the most joy as humans. Music then is a spiritual act of creation that fuels inspiration so that you are light on your feet and can create the most beautiful life you can imagine. It is the fuel that gives you the ability to become $20 million dollar you with a million dollar operating system. 


While music can definitely be a source of entertainment, it is so much more. The real value comes when you learn an instrument yourself, the cello. 


Coming very soon, in January of 2024, a new version of Inner Voice Academy is opening up. What that means for you is developing a new brain software that is a protocol that allows the hard work you are doing in your life to compound. In Inner Voice Academy, as you learn the cello, step by step, level by level, you will start noticing your brain becoming sharper and more creative. The best part will be the peace of mind you will feel that you are taking care of ALL of you. You will have a deep confidence that you will age gracefully, being able to work in a sustainable way that gives you a satisfying sense of accomplishment every single day. 


That’s what you want to see, isn’t it? 


If the answer in your mind is a resounding YES! Then click HERE to save your spot for Inner Voice Academy and get ready to thrive, creating in your potential, who God made you to be starting in January 2024!

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