Feel smart and competent in your ability to learn any new skill

Mar 13, 2023

Do you ever doubt your ability to learn something new?

Imagine the following scenario:

You have the opportunity to learn a new skill at work. Your boss sits you down and explains what the new skill is, and immediately you get this gut feeling of fear that you might fail, worry about other’s opinions, or anxiety around mastering the topic.

When you fear learning, you will ultimately avoid exploration of a potentially life changing new skill and lose out on learning experiences that will shape you to be who you were made to be.

Let’s find a way through this fear together! As an educator specializing in adult learning I believe to my core that it is possible for adults to learn new skills and in fact, excel at new skills rather quickly! It starts with mindset and beliefs.

Step 1: Be okay with being a beginner

Do you fear people losing respect for you if you ask questions or don’t know how to do something? Perhaps you feel like you have to keep your competencies or lack of certain skills a secret, like you have been leading everyone to believe something you are not. Here’s something that might take the pressure off. No one can know everything about any given topic, and in fact, those who are professionals at their skills are constantly finding out how little they actually know!

The good news to you about this is that it is never too late to start learning a new skill! A quote that has helped me over the years with this is “You don’t have to be great to start, you just have to start to be great.”

Step 2: Define failure

There are only 2 ways to fail: to quit, or not to start at all. A quote/saying that is very comforting to me when I am faced with something I am not good at YET, is “The only way to fail is to quit”. That means that you are successful by starting or continuing. Not starting is another form of failure. When you just start and you succeed at learning a new skill you are building evidence for yourself that you are in fact capable. Nothing has to stand in your way except choice!

Step 3: Prime your brain to learn new things

Now there may be a way that you can learn ONE SKILL that will actually prime your brain to learn new things faster and with greater confidence! It is a skill that has been shown to not only raise IQ levels, but equip you with a calm confidence that you truly can learn anything if you set your mind to it. I have seen many students learn this one skill and overtime have this new confidence about them that they are capable of ANYTHING!

Just think if your brain was a “lean, mean machine” that could grasp and master the hardest skills! Imagine a world in which you felt 100% confident that you were capable. That you could not fail as long as you did not quit.

That is what is possible for you when you learn the cello! Let’s look at the facts and evidence behind this!


Here’s what learning the cello does for you!

  1. Confidence you can learn ANYTHING

When you spend 15 minutes a day practicing the cello, every single area of your brain is activated. Essentially this means that your brain is getting the equivalent of a “full body workout”. What this means for you is being able to grasp and remember new concepts at lightning speed. The real value is the confidence you will have when you are faced with learning a challenging new skill.

This particular benefit to learning the cello has been seen in entrepreneurs and coaches. As business owners we are constantly faced with learning a new skills, whether it be sales skills, video editing, marketing, social media or simply further education to serve your clients better! As an entrepreneur myself, I KNOW on a personal level how intimidating some of these skills can be, but one of the reasons I am able to push through is through this internal calm confidence that I can learn ANYTHING.

You absolutely can build evidence for yourself that you are capable of learning something new by learning a new skill such as the cello. 

  1. Resilience to push through when things get tough

Did you know that 50% of businesses fail within 5 years, and 20% fail in their first year?? Those are staggering numbers that YOU do not need to be a part of!

Now let’s go back to our definition of failure: You cannot fail if you do not quit. Yes, there is always a chance that you will need to pivot as a business owner, but this shows resilience through hardship, and ultimately this means that YOU are not a failure.

Now think if you had the immediate gut response to pivot or push through instead of quit when faced with hardship? Imagine where you could go with that!! Learning the cello will develop that quick reaction in you because you will constantly be asked to better yourself in small, bite size steps. You will have a systematic roadmap of building the muscle of resilience so that when you are faced with a valley of hardship, you WILL push through.

Learning the cello gives you the mental toughness to push through with success when you have a downtime.

All of this is possible for you when you have a step by step method to build the muscles of resilience and confidence. All you have to do is start.



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