How to feel beautiful in every season

mental toughness self development Oct 30, 2023

Are you in a season of life that feels very much like autumn? A season filled with transition, as well as monotonous tasks that may feel like they will never end? 


Maybe you would describe an autumn season more like one part of your life ending. Like a loved one passing on, or retiring from a long career. You maybe don’t know how to create beauty and feel beautiful in this autumn season of your life. 


There is absolutely a way that you CAN feel beautiful in an autumn season of life, just like the trees do when it is time for them to drop their leaves. They do so gracefully and with great beauty. They are both ending a summer season and preparing to hold more weight of snow on their branches in the upcoming winter. 


What if there was a way to prepare for your winter season, feeling beautiful and joyful just like the trees? This winter season may be full of consistent work, piling up into eventual success, OR it may be full of slower days, sitting with a hot cup of coffee by the fire reading a book. 

Wherever you are in life, there is beauty in every season if we look for it. 


If you are in a season of life that you just feel like there’s no joy amd you just want to move to the next one, there is hope. You CAN find beauty and joy in every season of. You just need to know where to look! In this week’s blog post you will find out how!


What are seasons in life and how do they reflect seasons in nature?


Here is how I would characterize the different seasons and how they feel when we reflect them to life. 


In Spring the trees are starting to bud and a veiling of green covers the once bare branches, seemingly overnight! Growth is fast and the colors are young and vibrant. There’s energy in the air; excitement for a new cycle of growth starting! In life a spring season might include starting to plant the seeds for a new season. Like being in startup mode for a brand new business, knowing that a lot of hard work is coming, but the prospect of what you can create just fueling you up and helping you JUMP out of bed in the mornings! The beauty is found in the knowledge that there is a seedling sprouting under the surface, just waiting to erupt in beautiful fresh green color on the other side of the soil.


When you are in a summer type of season in life, this may feel like you are coasting on the hard work done in the spring season. It is like coming out from a type of fog, the air clearing and seeing your path straight ahead. Here, the beauty is easily found, and is an incredible opportunity to build your ability to see beauty everywhere so that when the next season of life arrives you are ready. 


In an autumn season you are in transition. You are fueling the momentum brought to by summer and reaping the harvest of past efforts. Sometimes in this season, AFTER we have achieved major goals we can feel depleted emotionally. There is absolutely a way that you can re-energize yourself and feel beautiful in this season. That is what we will be talking about today. 


Perhaps a winter season feels more like a hibernation to you. Maybe you struggle a bit with seasonal affective disorder and need a way to re-energize you and have a mini “holiday” to get out of the day to day stressors of a more mundane and boring season. 


No matter what season you are in, there is a way to feel the beauty. 


How to feel beautiful in seasons of change


Seasons that we physically go through can reflect how the seasons of life flow. 


The interesting thing about Autumn Seasons in nature is that the trees shed their leaves with joy. The intense beauty of the gold, orange, red and even purple hues brings a bitter sweetness that is a testimony to the work those leaves did in spring and summer to give us shade and go through photosynthesis. It is fascinating that even though the trees will soon be bare, they go through each change with grace and beauty. Then, when winter comes and the branches are coated with snow and ice, it’s like they are clothed again, and ready to be beautiful in every season. 


Maybe you feel like you are in an autumn season in life. You have perhaps finished many projects in your life, maybe even reached a few of the big goals you’ve set. You are looking for a way to make this new season beautiful and age gracefully into what the next season will look like. Autumn is a transition to winter. It can be incredibly beautiful if you are intentional about finding beauty everyday. 


I remember distinctly a few years ago when I was going through a transition season of being single to being married, everytime I would drive from around May till October, I would marvel at the beauty of the trees. This became a subconscious habit that I didn’t realize was pushing me through the whole wedding planning process, helping me process in those long drives the change that was about the happen. 


I have always been someone that processes change slowly. Even when I was a baby learning how to walk, my mom would always tell me the story of how I crawled for months, longer than most babies, and then suddenly it was like a switch had clicked and I stood up one day and started running. 


These stories demonstrate how processing a change and a new season requires a few things to make it beautiful. You need patience in the process, faith that you will see results, and intention in finding the beauty in everyday tasks. Most importantly, you need consistent positive input that helps point you in this direction. 


Coaching in one area of your life can help you find beauty in all areas of your life. That is how Inner Voice Institute is set up. You receive live coaching about how to incorporate music into your day to day life and for you the result is clarity after you step away from a cello session. This is one of the ways that we can find beauty in an Autumn season, or a season that is filled with change and transition.


Music is powerful in this way. It gives a voice to the emotions and thoughts that might be floating like leaves all through your mind. You can make each thought and emotion beautiful by holding it captive and intentionally deciding how to make it beautiful. Music helps you slow down and for you that means taking a step back, growing like a flower about to bud, and then when you step back and take action, you can bloom into a new person. Someone who is full. 


I was speaking to one woman recently who has young children, and she was telling me how in the summer when her kids are home from school, she fills them up and makes sure they have a beautiful summer so that when they return back to school in the fall they are ready and energized. Ready to grow. 


She was telling me however that she often finds herself feeling drained during the summer period where she is filling up her kids, neglecting her own ability to find beauty. 


My response to her was that there is a way that she can insert the beauty of growth into every season. It all depends on if she can find a way to fill both herself and her kids up at the SAME TIME. You can do that through the cello. Your kids will see you loving your cello sessions and will follow suit by enjoying the learning process. They see and repeat more than they do what you say. You get to create beauty through the cello in your life by taking action now! 


We get to decide the seasons that we are in. What I found fascinating, when you build up others then you drain yourself. You are not experiencing the joy of that growth. It is so important as a mom to fill up yourself in every season, not just the kids. There are things you can do that actually fill both of you up. 

When the daily repetitive tasks feel intense… 


“Success comes when opportunity meets preparation.” 


That’s what my sister told me when we were on a walk yesterday with our 3 kids. I was telling her how I felt a bit like I was drowning with the daily tasks of being a mother and entrepreneur and not able to fly above the ocean, take a look at the big picture, and see why I am doing all these tasks everyday. It sometimes seems like everyday is a repeat of the same things. Like a leaf falling from a tree, floating in the air and falling. Over and over. 


What she reminded me was that the beauty of those repetitive tasks means you are preparing for opportunities. For example, I am in the habit now of writing 1000 words everyday about how the cello can impact your life, and sometimes I feel like I need to take a deep breath of air before diving back in, but if I don’t continue preparing for an opportunity of helping just one more cello student succeed, then I have failed. But if I continue with resilience, focusing on just one more blog post, one more lesson/curriculum for my students, THEN I have succeeded because I am in the training plan for life. It is switching your mindset from focusing on the scoreboard to focusing on the game. 


When you do the same tasks everyday it can seem like it’s the leaves falling of a tree that has an unlimited amount of leaves. However, what you are doing is creating a beautiful array of gold, red and orange leaves on the ground, preparing your branches to carry the heavy burden of snow in the winter that is coming. You are preparing and every leaf that falls, every task you complete is worth it. 


It is all about your mindset about these repetitive things you do. 


I once heard someone say, “If you can be happy on an average Tuesday spent doing average things, then you are truly successful.” (entrepreneur, Shelby Rose). Because life is made up of the average Tuesdays and Wednesdays, it is up to us to find beauty in every task. Even the ones that are repetitive. There is absolutely a way that you can find that beauty. This blog post is here to help you with the how. So keep reading if you desperately need some beauty in your life! It is coming right after this section! 

How to create beauty in your life: (The practical how!)


So I have hinted at how to create beauty in your life a few times throughout this post, so I will summarize it here. 


To create beauty and feel beautiful in every season you have to start by cultivating your mind. The way to do that by having first of a plan for your brain health and take small actions each day towards the greater goal of increased brain health. One of the best ways to do that is by learning the cello because it develops your entire brain. 


When you have exceptional brain health a few things happen. 


First of all, you are able to think more clearly about what is happening in your life at the moment. You can take a step back and ask the question, “what is truly important here?” This gives you the chance to make the most of your time on this earth by being strategic. This happens simply because your brain is able to make connections on a faster level. When you can think faster, you can almost slow down time 


Secondly, you are able to process emotion in a healthy way. When storms of life come (as they do in every single season of life!) you will have a tool to go and release some of that emotion and make the most of that day, that week, maybe even that year! 


In the book “The Power of One More” by Ed Mylett, he said that the root of the word emotion comes from the words “energy” and “motion”. That shows that you care in control of your emotions and which ones you choose to feel because they are directly linked to actions. 


It starts with becoming aware of your emotions. Your awareness means you are gaining control, and feeling in control of your emotions is what you want, isn’t it?


In Inner Voice Academy you learn how to become aware of the emotion in music. Then, once you know which songs produce which emotions, you can then connect them to the season of life you are in so that you can feel emotionally supported no matter what is going on in your life. 


With the cello every season can truly be beautiful. 


Ready to find out for yourself?


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