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Whether I am writing poetry (music without notes), performing and teaching the cello (music without words) or listening to Beethoven while organizing my tiny home, music is almost as important as breathing to me. I simply cannot imagine my life without it. Teaching music has been one of the most exhilarating and growth provoking experiences of my life. Over the years I have developed formulas to make music learning as an adult attainable, exciting and intimidation free.
I am here to serve you by helping you discover the beautiful sound of the cello.
As a little girl I began learning the cello, inspired by my mom who started the cello as an adult. I remember building swings out of bathrobe ties from the banister as she was deeply concentrating on practicing. (Only to find that she had somehow become a part of the swing...) Even as a little girl, I saw my mom becoming  frustrated by how intimidating learning the cello was and all the road blocks she encountered. Over the next decade I developed my skills as a cellist, and eventually started to lean more into private teaching.
As my studio grew and I noticed the different paths my students took, one comment that was consistent was that the sound of the cello drew them closer to their inner emotions. I noticed this especially in the adult students who took lessons, and the joy I saw in their eyes when they found freedom and confidence in learning the cello made me want to share this gift with more people. I will never forget the day when one of my students learned her first piece by memory. I saw this calmness flood her face and she was completely lost in the piece as she performed it. (side note... this does not take years. this particular student had only been playing for 3 months...)
Whether you have already started the cello, have always wanted to, or the thought has never occurred to you, my goal is to help you discover your inner Voice, and guide you to enjoy the cello and all the beauty it has to offer. All that is needed from you is a willingness to learn, and a love of this instrument's pure sound.

If that sounds like you...

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